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I am an artist & children's book author living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

I attended Swinburne University art school in the late sixties, this led to a strong affinity with colour which has always been the basis for my visual influences .

My artwork has evolved from a passion for photography and love of graphic design.

A large number of my canvases depict the sea, water, beaches...anything in that environment.

My most recent works combine photography with graphic skills to deconstruct & reconstruct seascapes to produce an interesting visual effect and hopefully capture that elusive magic that is the energy and essence of the sea.

A 33 year career in the 3D environment of exhibition and graphic design left little time to indulge in the luxury of doing artwork purely for pleasure. Now retired, I have the time to travel down creative paths and see where they lead. Like most creative people I am lucky to have an overactive  imagination  which has led me to write and illustrate children’s books  as well as to create my artworks on canvas.

I have exhibited in many group shows as well as 2 solo shows.

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